Typography in Design



The image was found on a website that promoted font websites.

I couldn’t find an author of the image, but the author of the web page Jesse Aaron.

Image found on – http://inspirationfeed.com/resources/tools/the-massive-list-of-font-typography-resources/


First Facetype

Typography 1

The image above shows two types of fonts. The one surrounded by a red square is from the script face type. It is a script because the letters flow as though they had been hand drawn. The letters share some characteristics as a Serif due to the Serifs located on the letters, but due to the unevenness and erratic behavior of the font, I believe that it is a Script facetype.


Second Facetype

Typography 2

The text surrounded by the green square is from the Sans Serif family. The font doesn’t have Serifs protruding from the letters with leading me to believe that it is a Sans Serif. The strong horizontal lines of the letters also allowed me to identify it as a Serif of some kind.


Facetype contrast

 Typography 3 New.png

There are several differences between the two facetypes. The Sans Serif has strong vertical lines, while the script font sits at an 80-degree angle, instead of 90-degrees like the San Serif. The script font also has Serifs on the letters giving it a fancier feel.


The Sans Serif closest to the top is designed to relay information in a serious manner, while the script font in blue shows the creativity behind typography and web design. I audience would learn that fonts and the way the text is portrayed are important in web design.


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