Icon Set – Project #2


For this project, I had to create a set of icons with Adobe Illustrator. The purpose of this project was to introduce us to vector graphics. Using vector graphics allows designs to keep their intended appearance when being stretched or modified.


Our class had two weeks to complete this project. Each student created their own designs by the end of week one and turned in a draft. We were given feedback for our designs and able to change our drafts.

The minimum requirements for the icon set were to use Adobe Illustrator, design 4-6 icons and make them appealing to a target audience.

Target Audience

The target for my icons was aimed at young professionals. I refrained from using lots of colors and flashy designs because I wanted my designs to catch the eyes of a professional audience.

My Prototype

Icons Draft
Created by David Grimmett

I created four icons. The theme is technology. There is a Camera, a Tablet, a Laptop, and a Television screen. The camera was my first creation in Adobe Illustrator; I loved the colors and the playful look so much that I changed my original plans and created these other devices based on the camera. After posting my first design, I received feedback from several sources that I should incorporate more color into my design. I agreed with these comments, but I had problems figuring out where to add color. After some trial and error, I found a way to add color into my final design.

In my prototype, all the devices have similar color schemes. The laptop breaks the consistency in the color scheme, but I was able to change that when I started on my final set.

My Final Design


I liked to keep consistency between all of my devices as though they were created by the same company. I created a red area on the bottom left area of each icon to add color and contrast to the design. I also added a white plus to each of the devices. I thought that it made the series of icons fit together better.

I included two sizes of icons. The first and the largest are 400px by 400px, while the smaller icons are 60px by 60 px.



Some basic changes I made to the icons include:

  • The addition of a button to the top of the camera.
  • A modified color scheme on the laptop in order to match the other icons.
  • The screen was widened on the tablet to take up more empty space.
  • The addition of color to each device
  • The addition of the cross design to each icon.

Lists of similarities between icons:

  • Overall color: Blue, Red, Balck and Four to Five Shades of Grey,
  • The Reflection on the glass.
  • The rounded edges on each design
  • The Plus Design in the bottom left corner


Throughout this project, I’ve learned a lot about vector graphics and how they are used when creating designs. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool, and I will continue to use it when working in designs.


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