Ad Campaign Overview


This project was designed for the students to learn how to use multiple Adobe products and integrate our skills into one final slide show.

The Project

We were told to find a design campaign and create a new design that would be part of the same campaign. I decided to base my design off the “California, find yourself here,” ad campaign. Attached, I have the original design and my new design.


Ad Draft V4
Introduction page w/ Borrowed content
Ad Draft V42
Frist transition page
Ad Draft V43
Original Design (Design Principles) w/ Borrowed content
Ad Draft V44
Original Design (Typography) w/ Borrowed content
Ad Draft V45
Original Design (Color) w/ Borrowed content
Ad Draft V46
Second Transition Page
Ad Draft V47
New Design (Design Principles) w/ Original content
Ad Draft V48
New Design (Typography) w/ Original content
Ad Draft V49
New Design (Color) w/ Original content
Ad Draft V410
Final Page revealing the Design’s Author 

Target Audience

My target audience for this project would be California public works or government officials. I would want to help show how design can help increase revenue for California.


The colors of my design were based on the “California, Find yourself here,” campaign. The blue and yellow can be seen throughout the project. I also kept a rounded text to match the original design.


I had to design an original ad using Photoshop and make a slide show using InDesign. This project strengthened my ability to design using Photoshop and InDesign.